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Personal Injury FAQ

I am Portland lawyer Shelley L. Fuller, and I take pride in helping our clients through tough and often painful times. I will zealously pursue compensation for you to reimburse you for your pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life and full payment of your past or future medical expenses.

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Q: What should I do first if a family member or I am involved in a car accident?

The first three days following a car accident will have a significant impact on any future personal injury case. You are encouraged to gather information from the scene, including the use of your cell phone camera or video options. Write down and keep track of who you talked to and what you talked about. If your case does result in litigation, these notes early on will play an important role in helping your attorney advocate on your behalf and evaluate your case. Learn more about what you should do immediately following an accident.

Q: How can I pay my medical bills after a motor vehicle accident crash?

A: If you are injured in an accident that is related to the use or maintenance of a motor vehicle, your own car insurance will cover a minimum of $15,000 in expenses. This is because every auto insurance policy in Oregon is required to include something called "Personal Injury Protection" or "PIP." This insurance — not your regular health insurance — should pay for all medical care needed up to the amount of your policy limits that is related to the accident. You are entitled to this coverage for the first year after your accident and in most cases you can choose which medical provider will provide you with necessary treatment. While some PIP policies will have a deductible, in Oregon the deductible cannot be more than $250.

Q: If I am unable to work, can I recover my lost wages?

A: The basic answer is that your "PIP" insurance coverage will typically pay about 70 percent of your normal wages. There is a maximum monthly payment and you must have missed at least 14 days of work in a row because of your injury. A note from your doctor will be necessary to help show that you were unable to work.

There are special circumstances in which the basic answer will not apply, including:

  • Use of sick or vacation days. When you use your PTO you will still have a claim for lost wages but your PIP insurance coverage will not pay you for those damages. You will have a claim against the at fault driver's insurance company for the PTO time that you had to use because of the accident.
  • A stay-at-home parent who is unable to perform normal household functions for 14 days or more because of injury may be entitled to money each day to hire someone to perform these tasks

If you have questions about either of the above situations, you may want to seek the advice of an experienced attorney to ensure that your rights are adequately protected. It will be necessary to provide a statement and sign a medical release.

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