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As of January 1st, 2020 we are no longer consulting on DHS cases where the children are already in DHS custody.

Protect your right to be free from State interference in your family -- Beaverton Juvenile Dependency Attorney

Dealing with the Department of Human Services (DHS), also called Child Protective Services (CPS) is extremely sensitive and frustrating under any circumstances.

  • Representing parents who have been contacted by DHS/CPS who have already had their children removed from their care or who are being threatened with removal of their children.
  • Children who have been removed from their parent's care and are placed with family members or a foster family.
  • Relatives of families who are involved in the DHS/CPS system who are seeking contact or visitation with the children or want to adopt.
  • Foster parents who are seeking advice on dealing with DHS/CPS on placement or adoption of a foster child.

There is nothing worse that can be done to a parent than taking their child away. Know when it may be justified and when DHS/CPS has gone too far. Know when to work with the agency and when to fight. Contact my law firm immediately if you have been hounded by DHS/CPS and have questions on where to go next.

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Having an experienced attorney to help you deal with DHS/CPS is extremely important and will decrease your confusion almost immediately about what DHS can and can't do. Call my law firm today to schedule your consultation.

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