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Family Law For Same-Sex Couples

Gay marriage is now legal across the land. Therefore, same sex couples will now enjoy the same rights and legal protections as heterosexual couples. Gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual couples face the same family law problems as anyone else, and need experienced guidance for custody, support, domestic violence and other legal matters.

I am Shelley L. Fuller, a family law attorney who serves all Oregon families, including LGBT couples in Beaverton and surrounding communities. Whatever your family law needs, I am here to handle them with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Call my offices today at 503-626-1808 for a consultation.

Contact An Experienced Beaverton Attorney

If you need legal guidance for a same-sex family law matter in Oregon, contact my Oregon family law firm today or call my office at 503-626-1808 to schedule a consultation with an experienced Beaverton domestic partnership lawyer.

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