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Implied Consent

In Oregon, driving is a privilege, not a right. One clear illustration of this is the "implied consent law."

The Oregon implied consent law means that if you drive a car or other motor vehicle, you must provide a breath or blood sample if requested by a law enforcement official who believes that you have been operating a motorized vehicle while impaired. You still have the right to say no to taking the test, but there are consequences to whatever choice you make.

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Your decision to take the test may be the difference between providing the state with more evidence of actual intoxication or showing that you are not impaired. If it is at all possible, speak to an experienced DUII defense lawyer before providing a breath sample to determine whether it will help or hurt your case.

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Consequences for not blowing include a potential one year's driver's license suspension, versus a potential 90-day suspension for blowing over 0.08 percent.

Request a DMV Hearing Within 10 Days of Your Arrest

If you have been arrested, you face two legal challenges: the criminal DUI case and an administrative proceeding, brought by the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV), to suspend your license. You will have the opportunity to request a DMV hearing. If you miss this ten-day deadline, your right to this hearing is waived.

I use the DMV hearing to contest the administrative license suspension and also to strategically benefit your criminal defense case. For instance, testimony given by officers and witnesses involved in your arrest can be used later to impeach their testimony at trial or to support your version of the facts.

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