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Domestic Violence/Assault

Domestic violence is a term used by many people, but understood by few. Police are trained to handle reports of a spousal assault or violence inside the home with swift action, and in most cases if the police are called at least one person will be arrested. Too often, the focus is on removing someone from the situation rather than sorting out the facts and details of the incident. In some cases, the person removed is the "real" victim, and in other cases, the victim's change of heart after calling 911 can result in charges of interference with an emergency call.

My name is Shelley L. Fuller, and I am a Beaverton domestic violence advocate and attorney who understands that domestic abuse cases require a different type of representation. If you have been charged with assaulting your spouse, partner or family member, I can provide you with compassionate criminal defense representation.

Advocating For Families Involved In The Criminal Justice System Due To Domestic Violence

When spouses or partners are involved in domestic violence, it can have a huge impact on children. One parent is taken away by the police while the other remains. The arrested parent is prohibited from having contact with the other parent and the children. This can last throughout the criminal case and months afterward. I have experience pleading with courts to modify those restrictions and allowing families to reunite and get the help they need as a family.

Advocating For Victims Of Domestic Violence

When a challenging situation seems to have been blown out of proportion, a victim is put in a difficult position. Prosecutors may use threats of taking criminal action against the victim for his or her lack of cooperation or will seemingly ignore the victim's input when deciding to proceed to trial. Victims who are dedicated to their partners and want to work with them on getting help and maintaining their family may be hesitant to work with prosecutors who seem more focused on conviction than problem solving.

If you are a victim who feels like you are being ignored, I am a lawyer who will take the time to listen to you, and help give you a voice in a complicated legal system. I am dedicated to helping you, even if your goal is to have the state drop the charges or impose minimal consequences on your loved one.

I also recognize that there are very serious cases where victims need additional help and assistance removing themselves from a very dangerous situation. In those cases, we can help you obtain the necessary protective orders (called "FAPAs" in Oregon), and where children are involved, seek emergency custody orders to help ensure continued safety. Depending on the needs and wishes of our client, my firm works to provide referrals to appropriate supporting professionals, counselors and domestic violence victim advocates.

Hillsboro Domestic Assault Attorney

If you have questions regarding domestic battery charges or spousal abuse, contact my Portland, Oregon, law firm or call my office at 503-626-1808.

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