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Registering Foreign Judgments

A foreign judgment is a legal order that was established in another state in the U.S. or in a foreign country.

If you obtained a judgment in another state and now wish to register or have it enforced in Oregon, you have to obtain permission from the court. Once the judgment is recognized in Oregon, it will be fully enforceable.

I am Shelley L. Fuller, a family law attorney serving clients in Beaverton, Hillsboro and throughout surrounding Oregon communities. I have extensive experience registering foreign judgments in Oregon courts, and can provide you with the skilled advocacy you need for this important legal matter.

If you are seeking to have a foreign judgment enforced, I can help. Call my offices at 866-951-4133.

I can represent you in registering foreign judgments as well as having them modified and enforced. A judgment that is not enforceable is not going to do anything for you. I can help you establish the legal standing you need to protect your rights and the rights of your child(ren). If you have relocated and plan to stay here, it just makes sense to move your child support and custody cases to Oregon for enforcement and possible modification in the future. Don't wait until there's an emergency looming. You can be proactive and do it sooner when there isn't a crisis on the horizon.

Contact An Experienced Beaverton Attorney

If you have questions about registering foreign judgments in Oregon, contact my Oregon family law firm today or call my office at 503-626-1808 to schedule a consultation with an experienced Beaverton family law lawyer.

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