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Driver's License Suspension

If you have received a notice that your Oregon driver's license is being suspended, contact an attorney right away. The suspended license process is called an administrative suspension, which means that you can lose your right to drive well before any related criminal charges are completed.

I am Portland lawyer Shelley L. Fuller, and I am dedicated to helping my clients protect their driving privileges. Many people assume that the only way that you can have your driver's license suspended is because of DUI penalties. This is not true. Other criminal charges or driving violations, including reckless driving or accidents can result in a driver's license suspension.

Hillsboro Revoked License Lawyer

The rules for administrative suspensions can be complicated, and it may be necessary to consult an attorney to be sure that your driving rights can be protected as much as possible. As an experienced Beaverton driver's license suspension attorney, I can help you understand the rules and protect your rights.

It is important to recognize that your license can be suspended in two separate proceedings for DUI, including the administrative process through the DMV and through the court for the conviction of DUI. The rules and suspension periods for administrative suspensions versus court suspensions can be very confusing and dramatically different. It is therefore important to consult with an attorney to determine the likely consequences for a conviction for DUI and your decision at time of arrest to provide a breath sample.

Multiple Offenses And How They Affect Your Driving Privileges

For people facing their first conviction, the law provides for a one-year license suspension. You may be able to immediately obtain a hardship permit that would allow you to drive from home to work or school. In addition to the suspension, you will be required to obtain, maintain and pay for an additional insurance policy called an SR 22 and obtain an ignition interlock device for the period of your suspension and sometimes longer.

If you receive a second conviction within five years of your first conviction, you will be subject to a three-year license suspension. You can only apply for a hardship license after 90 days.

For people facing either their first or second drunk driving-related conviction, there is also a requirement that you pay for the installation and ongoing monitoring service called an ignition interlock device. This device is installed in your vehicle, and before the vehicle can be started, you will need to blow into a device designed to detect alcohol in your system. This device must be used during the period of your suspension and for an additional year after the suspension ends.

If you receive a third DUI or DWI conviction or a felony DUI conviction, your driving privileges will be permanently revoked. With a license revocation, there is no opportunity to apply for a hardship permit. Ten years after you are released, you can apply to have your driving privileges reinstated.

For all levels of DUI convictions, you will also be subject to formal probation, which includes the additional payment of supervision fees.

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