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Juvenile Law

Protect your Children and Family from Unwanted State Interference - Beaverton Oregon Juvenile Lawyer

Times are changing and the government appears to be exercising more and more control over our children and families. For some families, the state's assistance is welcomed and needed. For others, the state's interference feels intrusive, unnecessary and is unwelcome.

I am attorney Shelley L. Fuller, and I am committed to helping you sort out what you or your children's rights are when the state comes into your life for any reason.

Juvenile law is broken up into two different categories. Cases where children, under the age of 18, have been accused of committing a crime (called "delinquency" cases) and cases where families are faced with State involvement by the Department of Human Services (DHS) due to allegations of abuse and neglect of their children (called "dependency" cases).

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I have been helping parents and children for many years under the following circumstances:

  • Parents have been contacted by the police because their child has been arrested and is in juvenile detention.
  • Parents or a child who were contacted by school authorities because they've found weapons or drugs in the child's school locker.
  • Families who are contacted by the police or a social worker from the Department of Human Services / Child Protective Services to investigate allegations of abuse or neglect.
  • Grandparents and relatives who are seeking to become foster care placements for their grandchildren or nieces and nephews as an alternative to children being in foster care.

I help in areas such as:

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Having an experienced attorney to help you deal with DHS/CPS or the juvenile justice system is extremely important and will decrease your confusion almost immediately about what the state can and can't do. Contact my firm today to schedule your consultation.

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