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Division of Property & Debt

Generally, Oregon is an "equitable" property division state. Equitable does not mean an equal division; rather, it means a fair division in terms of value. As a broad concept, Oregon law treats a marriage as a partnership, and all income earned and property acquired during the marriage are marital and should be fairly divided.

I am attorney Shelley L. Fuller, and I have represented individuals throughout Oregon in the division of property during divorce. I understand the impact this division will have on the individual's future and lifestyle. I am committed to protecting your interests and achieving the best possible outcome in this process.

If you are faced with the task of dividing your property in a divorce, I can help. Contact my offices today at 866-951-4133.

Portland Property Division Attorney

Marital property and debts are subject to division between spouses regardless of which spouse holds title to a piece of property or may have created the debt. There is no fixed way to determine how either you or the court should divide your property and debts.

Factors that the court considers include the nature and extent of the property, the duration of the marriage, and the economic circumstances of each spouse. In some cases, gross misconduct by a spouse (such as spending down the family assets due to a gambling problem) can be considered. The court will approve your division if you and your spouse can reach a reasonable agreement. The court will hold a hearing and divide your assets and debts according to its own opinion of "equity" if you and your spouse cannot reach an agreement.

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