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Paternity & Father's Rights

In Portland, Oregon, and elsewhere, an increasing number of children are born outside of a traditional marriage. The law offers protection for parents' rights and children's rights in custody and support matters, but you must establish paternity first.

I am attorney Shelley L. Fuller, and I am committed to representing men and women in Beaverton and throughout Portland in uncontested and contested paternity matters. Our aim is to protect moms, dads and their children.

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Establishing paternity has a number of benefits to mothers and fathers:

  • It allows a mother to establish a legally enforceable child support obligation.
  • It allows a father to legally establish a visitation schedule or seek full custody of a child.
  • It protects the rights of the child to have a relationship with and receive financial support from both parents.
  • It allows a mother to protect her child from a former romantic partner who is not the parent of the child.

Identifying a Father

In Oregon, paternity can be established by both parents simply signing a Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity at the hospital or later in the child's life. This places the father's name on the child's birth certificate without the need for DNA testing.

If there are doubts about the child's paternity at any time during the life of the child, the family court can order a DNA test.

I have represented mothers seeking to establish paternity to obtain child support and we have represented fathers who may have learned only recently that they had a biological child and are now seeking to establish a bond with that child.

If a father is established as a legal parent and it is later discovered that he may not be the biological parent, there are ways to disestablish him as a parent. Parents faced with this dilemma should consult an attorney familiar with establishing and disestablishing parental rights immediately due to certain timelines that must be met in order to contest being established as a legal father.

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I understand the concerns of parents involved in paternity actions and other matters related to children's well-being. To learn more about your specific legal issue, our track record and how I can help you, please call 503-626-1808 or E-mail us today to arrange for an initial consultation.

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